Shipping prices


  up to 19 € = 2,50 €

  from 20 € to 50 € of order = 4,50 €

  over 50 € of order = Free


  up to 20 € = 5 €

  from 21 € a 30 € of order = 7 €

  from a 31 € a 60 € of order = 6 €

  from 61 € a 95 € of order = 5 €

  over 95 € of order = Free


  up to 60 € of order = 13€

  from 61 € to 87 € of order = 7€

  over € 87 per order = Free


  up to 60 € of order = 15€

  from 61 € to 87 € of order = 13€

  over € 87 per order = Free

Our terms and conditions of delivery

Shipping costs, for destinations throughout Europe, are calculated according to the country and are indicated at the time of purchase, for some areas and in certain periods (black friday, etc..) delivery may be free.

The shipping process receives priority attention from our staff. The procedures of preparation of the goods are constantly monitored by specialized personnel. All the goods are carefully packed with specially designed packaging to avoid damage during transport.

When the goods are shipped, the customer receives an email notification containing the shipment track (Tracking) (which allows you to monitor the shipment directly from your home computer or smartphone, connecting to the site of the carrier).

Any inability to receive the goods, changes to the place of delivery or periods of absence must be immediately communicated to the "Customer Service" through the box Contacts in order to proceed with the appropriate adjustments of the case to the courier. In the absence of such communications is expected to charge any costs of storage charged to the customer.

The goods in storage at the warehouse of the courier due to repeated inability to deliver remains available to the customer for up to 5 working days, after this period, the order will be canceled; in this case the ordered items will be returned to the sender, and the order will be refunded to the customer but only partially (net of shipping costs for the return to Assuero Line, plus those accrued for the storage at the courier's warehouse, which are charged to the customer and the expenses related to the management equal to 9,50 € for the series City Line, City Monuments and Forest Line, 12 € for the series City Table and Art Table, 25 € for City Art and Art Line.

The refund will be issued in the same currency as the original purchase. Any difference in amount due to exchange rate fluctuation will not be refunded.

Any detail that is deemed necessary for the courier to reach the place of delivery must be reported in the notes of the order during the purchase process; remember that the notes are only indicative and not mandatory for the courier, therefore not 100% guaranteed (such as telephone notice).

If the item has arrived damaged always remember to ACCEPT WITH SPECIFIC RESERVE when the package(s) are delivered by the deliveryman, especially if the packaging is dented and damaged.

If opening or assembling the article you realize that there are missing pieces, or damaged parts, contact us immediately the "Customer Service" through the box provided in the Contact section by giving us the data to identify your order: indicate immediately name, order number and photos of the damage.

NB: we need the photos to understand which part has been damaged and how to resolve the situation. In case of damage, depending on the product, we will immediately replace only the damaged part or, in severe cases, the whole article.

DO NOT WAIT! Always check that the article is intact even if you do not immediately mount it, and notify us of any damage as soon as possible.

Delivery Time

The delivery time includes the time of preparation of the package of your order, and the time of transport of the carrier.

The delivery time is extended if impediments arise for which we cannot be held responsible.

Some products, such as 116 cm silhouettes, city tables or artwork by Mila Sambre and other artists, have an additional production time of 2 to 3 weeks as they are "custom made".

Normally, the standard time to prepare the package is 24 hours while the delivery time may vary depending on the carrier and the geographical area:

Subsequently, the delivery time varies depending on the carrier and geographical area:

Italy: 2-5 working days

Southern Italy and islands: 3-7 working days

Europe: 5-15 working days

Extra Europe: 10-15 working days

Assuero Line cannot be held responsible for external events that affect the delivery, however, we remain available to follow up these possible disputes.

It is advisable for the customer to follow the order through his customer area.

If a package is returned to the sender, not because of a complaint, wrong or incomplete address provided by the customer, it will not be sent back again and the order will be refunded, excluding shipping costs (where applicable) and handling fees of 9,50 € for City Line, City Monuments and Forest Line series, 12 € for City Table and Art Table series, 25 € for City Art and Art Line series.

For any postponement, Assuero Line will charge a shipping surcharge.

The refund will be issued in the same currency as the original purchase. Any difference in amount due to exchange rate fluctuation will not be refunded.

What happens on delivery?

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer is required to check:

- that the number of packages delivered and the external appearance correspond to what is indicated in the transport document or accompanying invoice that the courier will deliver.
- that the packaging is intact and not altered, even in the closing tapes.
In case of tampering, breakage, wet packaging or dents, the customer must always ACCEPT the goods "WITH SPECIFIC RESERVE" describing in detail the damage on the courier's delivery receipt. (eg Specific reserve for damage on the carton).
For any doubts about the delivery you can notify the customer service through the box "Customer Service".

Received the material and ascertained the presence of damage due to transport, the customer is required to report it to customer service within 3 days of receipt of goods in the manner provided in the "Conditions of Sale".


1. How do I know when my order is shipped?
The customer is always informed about the shipping status by email, moreover he can check the status of his order, inside your account in the site under "Order Status".

2. If the courier does not find me for the delivery, will the goods go back?
If the courier does not find you at the indicated delivery address, the courier will make 2 more attempts, then the goods will remain in the nearest branch for collection.

3. When does the courier make the delivery? Also Saturday or Sunday?
Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 18:00. The delivery of the goods takes place at the address indicated in the order by the customer, eventually you can enter the address of the workplace / neighbor / local always open, etc..

4. Is it possible to make an appointment for delivery?
No, it is not possible to make appointments for delivery at fixed times or days, it is however possible to indicate (during purchase) on the notes for shipments, the need to be contacted some time before (maybe an hour) to a cell phone number (this service, however, is not always guaranteed and depends on the courier). The standard delivery is made at street level, near the means of transport.
Unfortunately, delivery to the floor is not provided.