The Assuero Line project was born from the sudden awareness of no longer being able to travel due to Covid 19.

In fact, our team was locked up in their own city, Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which until recently was visited by millions of tourists.

Mila Sambre, proposed a vision of the memory of a trip to the cities that each of us has seen and that perhaps we have never visited. In fact, them retain a space in our mind, as if we had already seen them from birth. Cities that appear in our imagination, and that we recognize when we meet them.

With the silhouette technique, which in the visual arts is the image of an object performed by reproducing only its outlines as in a shadow, we have recreated landscapes and monuments of over 50 cities.

Objects with an authentic and exciting design were born, to make you remember a wonderful experience or a dream to be realized.

We organized our project on the circular economy model not only aimed at environmental sustainability, but also and above all at social sustainability.

We recover waste from wood-based panel processing and allocate part of this processing to the Futura Social Cooperative which creates and promotes opportunities of social and work inclusion for adults with physical and / or mental disabilities or disadvantages, who need new opportunities to improve their own life.

Futura is a social site of growth, experience and work in which people are welcomed together with the resources they bring with them, channeling them into individualized paths.

This is why FUTURA FACTORY was born - the solidarity factory dedicated to production and services to companies.

In fact, companies can support the project with donations or by entrusting orders and entering into partnerships, as we did, for assembly, packaging, printing, labeling, storage and logistics.

It seemed important to us to tell you about our project and to tell you the story of the people who work with us every day.

We are proud to work with them. We are proud of our products.