1. Do you have a showroom?

Not all products are on display! Mila Sambre's works are by the artist who holds them in her atelier, while some product lines are created at the moment of the order or upon personalized request.

2. What are the delivery times?

The delivery time includes the time of preparation of the package of your order, and the time of transport of the carrier.

The delivery time is extended if impediments arise for which we cannot be held responsible.

Some products, such as colored or 115 cm silhouettes, city tables or artwork by Mila Sambre and other artists, have an additional production time of 2 to 15 days.

Normally the standard time of preparation of the package is 24 hours while the delivery time may vary depending on the carrier and the geographical area:

Subsequently, the delivery time varies depending on the carrier and geographical area:

Italy: 2-5 working days

Southern Italy and islands: 3-7 working days

Europe: 5-15 working days

Extra Europe: 10-15 working days

Assuero Line cannot be held responsible for external events that affect the delivery, however, we remain available to follow up these possible disputes.

It is advisable for the customer to follow the order through their customer area.

If a package is returned to the sender, not due to a complaint, wrong or incomplete address provided by the customer, it will not be sent back again and the order will be refunded, excluding shipping costs (where applicable) and handling fees of 9,50 € for City Line, City Monuments and Forest Line series, 12 € for City Table and Art Table series, 20 € for City Art and Art Line series.

For any postponement, Assuero Line will charge a shipping surcharge.

3. Where can I check the status of my order?

If you have registered, you can check the status of your order by going to your Account page at the bottom right of the homepage and selecting "Order Status".

Here you can view and monitor the status of your order. We will notify you of the delivery of the order 24/48h before it is made, with a communication to the email address provided at the time of purchase.

Alternatively, you can always check the status even without having registered or logged in through the page "Guest Order Tracking" by clicking on "Order Status" that you can find under each page. 

4. I received my order, but the product is defective. 

We are really sorry if your order arrived in bad conditions such as the package broken by the carrier.

Please fill out the form in the Contact Us section and choose the "Defects" category. Do not forget to attach photos of how the package was delivered and any problem.

We will be happy to provide a replacement.

Please note, with the situation related to Covid-19, any customer who finds a defective product has a complaint period with our "Customer Service" in the Contact section from 48 to 72 hours after receipt. Once this period has passed, we reserve the right not to be able to respond favorably to the customer's request.

5. Can I cancel my order?

Of course, if you wish to cancel your order, please contact us immediately through the "Customer Service" provided in the Contact Us box and ask to cancel the order.

You will be refunded the amount spent (through the same method of payment used during the purchase process, or by bank transfer).

If the product has already left our warehouses, you will receive a partial refund: we will retain the cost of shipping, if any, plus handling charges of 9.50 € for the City Line, City Monuments and Forest Line series, 12 € for the City Table series, 20 € for City Art.

6. How do I return the products purchased?

If the item you purchased on our website www.assuero-line.com does not satisfy you or you have simply changed your mind, you can return the item WITHIN 14 days, according to the provisions of the Consumer Code.

The address is:

Cooperative Futura Factory

Via Gemona, 32

Ponterosso Industrial Area

San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone


The packaging must be only the original one, the product packed and protected in all its parts (as at the time of delivery). Upon receipt we will check the status of the object: if it is intact, we will proceed with the refund of the order, retaining the cost of shipping, if provided at the time of purchase the handling fee of 9.50 € for the series City Line, City Monuments and Forest Line, 12 € for the series City Table and Art Table, 20 € for City Art and Art Line.

The product must be returned only to the address of Cooperativa Futura Factoy; other locations are not authorized to receive materials and therefore will be refused.

If damaged and/or missing parts, we will give you a partial refund based on the decrease in value of the item.

Unfortunately, customized products and products created to order cannot be returned and refunded (art.59 of the Consumer Code). 

7. It's for a gift, can I send it to a different address than my own?

Yes, you can. When ordering, add a new shipping address by first unchecking the box that has the billing address as the same as the shipping address.

8. If my country is not on the list of countries for delivery what can I do?

Unfortunately, some countries or areas are not currently affiliated with our couriers, but if you are still interested in obtaining an estimate of costs in this regard, please fill out the form in the Contact section and choose the category "Customer Service" indicating the delivery address, and we will respond with a quote ad hoc for delivery to you.

9. I would like to add a personalized word or gift package

At the moment we do not yet have the possibility to insert a personalized word in the packages, nor to make gift packages.

10. Do you customize sizes or colors?

Normally we do not make customizations of sizes or colors, but by contacting our "Customer Service" through the box in the Contact section we will be happy to evaluate the possibility of customizing the product requested.

11. The color of the products is real?

I do not understand it well, how can I do? Unfortunately it is not easy to convey the color through the photos, however, we ensure that the color of the images reflects the reality as much as possible.

12. What are the products made of?

All our products use recycled materials; they are remnants of poplar, birch and MDF plywood.

13. Is your production process Made In Italy?

Of course it is!

All our products are made in Italy.

We have organized our project on the model of circular economy not only aimed at environmental sustainability, but also and above all at social sustainability.

We recover waste from the processing of wood-based panels by allocating part of the processing to the Cooperativa Sociale Futura, which creates and promotes opportunities for social inclusion and employment for adults with physical and/or mental disabilities or disadvantages, who need new opportunities to improve their lives.

We produce in Italy and we try to help those who need it.

14. How can I fix the silhouettes to the wall?

The standard silhouettes are fixed to the wall with three nails, which are included in the package.

Our nails attach to all walls except concrete and brick walls.

However, if you have a concrete wall, you can glue the siluette with a double-sided adhesive or dedicated glue (the products are very lightweight).

Tip: To make sure you nail straight, position the line and nail the center hole first and then the side holes. This will give you a better understanding of how to nail the silhouette. It's very simple and is done in no time!

The works of City Art and Art Line can be fixed on any wall by means of an iron bar included in the package to which the work will be fixed simply by leaning it.

15. Do you have plans to create new cities?

We strive to create new cities according to the requests we receive from our customers.

We are available to evaluate your proposals that can be addressed to the "Customer Service" in the Contact form.

16. I am a company and would like to create a custom line

Are you a company or an institution? Do you want to create a personalized product? Please fill out the form in the Contact section and choose the category "Companies". Describe the desired project, or attach a file, the number of pieces and your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible.

17. I am a professional interior designer

Please fill out the form in the Contact section and choose the "Information" category.

Describe the desired project or attach a file and your contact details. We will contact you as soon as possible.

18. How to become a reseller of Assuero Line products?

If you wish to become a reseller of Assuero Line products, please fill in the form in the Contact Us section and choose the "Resellers" category. Give us information about your store and its universe and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Our goal is not to be present everywhere, but only in the most beautiful boutiques of each city. In addition, we respect for each of our retailers a reasonable customer area so that they can sell our brand products in the best conditions.