City Art - Venezia "Acqua Granda"

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The Basilica of San Marco together with the bell tower and the beautiful square, the Doge's Palace, a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic and the seat of the doge in the Republic of the Serenissima, the bridge of sighs and prisons, the rialto bridge, and the church of La Salute, are the best known symbols of the city and the Veneto in the world.


This work was created following the tragic event, renamed by Venetians as "Acqua Granda", which occurred on November 12, 2019 and involved the entire lagoon city. A peak tide in fact exceeded 185 cm, submerging 80% of Venice, causing enormous damage to the city and its artistic heritage. The artist's work highlights this last aspect through a clear division that sees, on the one hand the upper part smooth and chrome (as if to emphasize the strength and splendor of the city), on the other hand the lower part black and ruined as a result of the passage of water. With a critical vein, the intent is therefore to make clear the problem of safeguarding Venice.

Mixed media on multilayer wood.

Dimensions: cm. 179,4 x 33,1

Each work, signed by the artist, is proposed for a total of 100 reproductions. Being a product made by hand, each work has unique traits although imperceptible.


The assembly of the silhouette is magnetic.

1) Take the metal rod included in the package.

2) Lean it against the wall and put it on a level; mark with a pencil the points of the holes.

3) Proceed with a drill with a 6 mm. bit suitable for drilling the wall.

4) Insert the plugs, included in the package, and screw the rod. In case of uneven wall, adjust the screws being careful not to bend the rod.

5) Attach the silhouette by bringing the magnets closer to the metal rod.

6) In the case of a work composed of 2 or more silhouettes, check that all the magnets are in contact with the metal rod.

N.B. the work is not suitable for outdoor use.

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